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About us

Design Is What We Love

Arch-live Architects is an architecture firm based in South Africa. It is one of the few practices that is entirely owned and operated by a black woman. The company was founded in 2007 and began formal practice in 2012. Since then, it has received project commissions in numerous South African provinces.

Our Services

Good design is the pursuit of inventive architecture that creates a delightful experience informed by location, climate, environment, and socioeconomic aspects.


Every endeavor is approached with zeal, attention, and passion. Architecture must reflect the architect's creative vision and technical skills while also respecting the client's goals and intentions.

Interior Design

Interior design is all about how we interact with our surroundings. It's a powerful, necessary aspect of our everyday lives that has an impact on how we live, work, and play.


With national architectural institutions and associated professional bodies, the Founder contributes at a University level as design external examiners to gauge and promote the industry as a profession and supports the national regulator with architecture course validations of various higher learning schools.Arch-live Architects is a mirror of transformation. Through its directorship, we are in ongoing advice and guidance about the South African Council of the Architectural Profession. We proudly are an associate of the South African Institute of Architects

Wish to realize a dream project with us?

Our comprehensive architectural service includes a variety of projects from beginning to end.